Neha Dani

Jewelry Artist Neha Dani At Work

Contemporary jewelry designer Neha Dani credits her progressive upbringing, sophisticated jewelry training and mentorship for her budding success as a jewelry artist. By the age of 18 Dani had traveled to over 30 countries and visited hundreds of fine arts institutions. At an early age she attended the Gemological Institute of America, going on to become an invited fellow at the Gemological Association of England before returning to India to join the International Gemological Institute and providing leadership at their new Mumbai laboratory.

Ms. Dani debuted her initial body of work to international acclaim. As an artist, she creates one of a kind jeweled masterpieces born of wax, sculpted by hand, and brought to life with exceptional gemstones. Each piece is unique, striking a balance between bold scale and ultra-delicate design. Like other historical masters championed by Macklowe Gallery, Neha Dani’s work is designed with an expressed sensitivity to the natural world. Each of her jewels was created to be collected, worn and exalted. “Although she is a trained gemologist,” writes the New York Times, “the New Delhi-based fine jeweler might best be described as a cross between as alchemist and a painter.”

Each of Dani’s one of a kind masterpieces is created so that each link, each petal, leaf or branch is uniquely rendered, with no repetition in patterning or design. “If I do something that’s not exceptionally detailed,” says Dani, “I feel I’ve not done anything at all.” As an artist, she seeks to create pieces that go far beyond the celebration of love or special occasions, as her jewels are made to be occasions in themselves.

Lauded as a “rising star” by industry experts, Neha Dani has been prominently featured in Vogue, VO+, Women’s Wear Daily and The New York Times, as well a publication authored by Juliet Weir de la Rouchefoucauld, Women Jewelry Designers, in which Dani appeared alongside the likes of Victoire de Castellane, Coco Chanel and Paloma Picasso. 

We at Macklowe Gallery feel that Dani’s oeuvre offers our clientele the rare opportunity for meaningful, early collecting of a jewelry artist whose work promises to soon enter the canon of great, wearable beauty.