Vruta Cuff Bracelet


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      The "Vruta" cuff bracelet by Neha Dani. This hinged cuff bracelet centers on a water opal that weighs 18.35 carats, a paraiba tourmaline that weighs 1.94 carats, 3 step-cut diamonds with total weight of 1.58 carats, 161 round-cut diamonds weighing 3.64 carats, 114 rose-cut diamonds with total weight of 3.28 carats, 331 blue sapphires weighing 11.83 carats, 208 purple sapphires with total weight of  6.26 carats, 155 tsavorite garnets weighing 5.23 carats, 154 paraiba rounds with total weight of 4.00 carats. The gemstones are set in titanium, 18 karat gold and colored rhodium.

      Signed, Neha Dani.
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